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Established 22 Years, Fully Licensed

Terms & Conditions

  1. If you are placing a booking with Fox Limousines, you are confirming you have read and understood Terms and Conditions fully and abide by the agreement between us and you with regard to your booking
  2. We are not held responsible for Financial or Personal Loss to you in the event of Mechanical Breakdown or if the limousine is involved in an accident which therefore cannot be sent to you and Events beyond our control, including Traffic, Accidents, Riots, Civil Disturbance, Industrial Dispute, Terrorism, Threat of War, Natural Disasters, Road Closures, Motorways Shut, Or Virus.
    If a limousine is late because of Traffic There is No Refund
    We are not responsible for any Personal Losses in the Vehicle. You leave your Personal Belongings at your own risk Eg I.Phones, I Pads, Cameras, C.Ds, drinks. Credit Cards, Cash money. You are Responsible for your Own Belongings at all Times.
  3. Smoking and Drug use is Banned at all times in our Vehicles If the driver is aware of Any of these activities in the limousine. The driver will stop the limousine immediately and eject all the passengers.
    We are not accountable for any Financial travel costs.
    If There is Any damage caused to the limousine
    You the Hirer shall be held responsible.
    Including Glasses, which is £10.00 per Glass Broken
    If Anyone in the limousine is Sick, in the limousine while on a journey, it is £150.00 Valet charge
  4. If while Travelling there is Racist, Sexist, unruly behaviour, the journey will be Terminated.
    There are No Refunds
  5. If You want extra drop offs at the end of the journey, if the driver can do some, before their next job, please contact the office, as there is a charge for extra drops depending on the distance Extra drops Cannot Be Done for Free.
  6. Interior of Limousines and Weddings Cars all vary and cannot be guaranteed that the interior will be the same as it is on site. As we have different limousines and wedding cars with different interiors that are not on site.

7. On a booking that is made through the office, a one-way journey constitutes a hours hire only, traffic is also considered if it goes over the hours hire.

8. A pick-up and return are picked up from one destination dropped to the venue and then brought back at a later time that has been booked with the hirer, through the office.

9. On arrival to a job, you have 10-15  minutes grace of waiting time to get into the vehicle, if it goes over 10-15  minutes, then you will be charged waiting time by the hour. Depending on the size of the vehicle. As these limousines have to go from job to job especially on Saturdays, therefore they cannot be running late.

10. When limousines and Wedding cars are booked we cannot guarantee the interior will be the one you booked. The outside is all the same, but they have different colour interiors. But they are top of the range vehicles.

Once a Deposit is made, it is Non-Refundable, as Firstly we would have to turn away other Customers.

  1. The Deposits go towards Administration Costs,  Paying Staff, Phone Calls.
  2. So we DO NOT REFUND ANY DEPOSITS after the booking has been made after you have decided to Cancel.
  3. Whether the booking has been made A Hour Ago, Week, or  Month Earlier.
  4. If there are Cancellation 6 weeks before booking there is Full Fees too be paid off of the Booking that has been made, for  May, June, July, August, otherwise on other months, 31 days before Booking.
  5. We will at all times send the limousine you have booked, but if there is a Mechanical Breakdown or an Accident on the way to you and we are unable to send the limousine you wanted we shall send an alternative vehicle, which we have available at the yard.
  6. Interior and colour may not be the same. OR we will refund the Deposit if no vehicle is available on day to send to you and you will have to make your own arrangements for transport as there is nothing else we can do if there is a breakdown, with no other vehicle to supply to you, but breakdowns are   very very rare as all vehicles are very well maintained.
  7. Coronavirus; We are constantly keeping updates on Coronavirus; We  will be  open 7 days a week, as usual. Customers are still booking, or rebooking cancelled dates for later on  in year and next year. We are not issuing any refunds on Deposits, of bookings that have been made for bookings for 2020. But alternatively we will hold on to the deposit as credit  and you can rebook your vehicle for another date up to May 2021 for exact journey that you had cancelled. But otherwise refunds will NOT be issued . It will still come under category  of cancellations We understand customers concerns , but at the same time, we have to be practical. Whether a customer wants to cancel completely  or still wants to go out and rebook at a another date . We still have to stick to rules, of cancellations.
  8. The School Proms that have been cancelled by your schools  for June and July,  some have  now been given new dates for Sept and Oct by schools and even for December, for new Prom Dates. You can rebook the same journey for the School prom for a future date, later on in the year. We will try to book the same vehicle but as you can imagine alot of parents are now booking same dates, another vehicle will be offered as an alternative if the same vehicle cannot be provided.
  9. For Weddings booked with us, again All Deposits are Non Refundable, but we will hold as credit if you want to rebook your wedding later  this year or next year by October 2021, which most  customers are now doing. You will be given Ref number  when you want  to rebook.
  10. As of the latest Announcement by Prime Minster, it will be very difficult to carry on with the bookings that were made for April and May As of the Coronavirus, everyone has to stay in and self isolate.You can e.mail to rebook the bookings for April and May for later on in the year.
  11. Again we are monitoring and seeing Gov rules and Guidelines as economy slowly starts to open up as to how things will progress for  July, so that we can run all vehicles in July .  We thank you for your service and cooperation and pray everyone importantly  stays safe and listens to Government Rules  during this very difficult period in our history.
  12. After The Prime Ministers Announcement, the Majority of  vehicles will be running in JULY.
  13. AFTER LATEST ANNOUNCEMENTS FROM Gov on  9th SEPTEMBER. We are still Running as a Company carrying more than 6 passengers as we are Transport Company. Again we have to Reiterate ANY BOOKINGS that are booked. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. The Deposits can be used to rebook the same journey until May 2021. Please we Aware that lockdowns are reality of life now and if bookings have to  cancel and once deposits are paid if we keep cancelling and refunding Deposits we will not exist as a company. So Think Carefully before you book that if there could be lockdown and your booking is cancelled by yourself the deposit will be held for a future booking, but NOT REFUNDED